Financial Expert Alberto Washington Helping Small Businesses Grow

Stamford financial professional offers pro-bono consulting to local small businesses.

Stamford, Conn: Connecticut-based financial services professional Alberto Washington is providing pro-bono consulting services to small businesses in the Stamford, Darien, and Norwalk communities. While middle-market investment bankers rely on client acquisition via their established networks, Mr. Washington looks for small businesses that have notable growth potential. Because small businesses tend to focus on operations and lack the resources for concentrated financial consulting, work like Mr. Washington’s can have a positive impact on the community.

His top priority is to help them develop a sustainable growth strategy, which can make these small businesses potential future candidates. By introducing owners to alternative modes of securing funding, such as equity capital or strategic partnerships, they can realize growth paths that would have otherwise remained unknown.

UFC Gym– Norwalk was one business to which Mr. Washington provided his services. The gym, the first major brand extension of mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion company UFC, looked to expand operations. Mr. Washington provided them with financial model explaining funding options, while helping them understand the value of their current business operation. Says gym owner Elana Schachner “Alberto skillfully and patiently explained to us how we can grow our business on an expedited timeline. His advice and insight have opened up growth opportunities that otherwise would not have existed for us.”

Mr. Washington is a seasoned financial services professional who has over 15 years of experience working with top investment banks and management firms. Currently, he is a Managing Director at Oberon Securities, LLC where he serves as a senior investment banker. He offers middle market companies advice and expertise for raising capital, structuring M&A transactions, capitalization initiatives, and strategic corporate management directive.